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Ben Lucia

Freelance Graphic Designer &
Brand Storyteller.

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I am a multi-discipline graphic designer who enjoys challenges of all shapes and sizes.

I create logos and illustrations that stand out in today’s overstimulated world. I use my skill set to study your company culture while strategizing about what you want the audience to think when they see it again in some other capacity.

Ultimately creating graphics with an intelligent tone which bridges that gap between business and consumer interaction for both parties involved.

My Portfolio

My Experience

Art Director

(2020 - present)

After two years of working in London, I joined the NWD Designs team. Our design group works with clients including Motorola and Nokia who are just some examples; Apple stands out among all others because it had such an impactful brand identity for decades until they rebranded recently.

Creative Director

(2018 - 2020)

Looking for a new challenge, I joined Pinnacle Designs. My role focused on helping our customers define their strategic branding needs and requirements to achieve an elegant end result that stands out among competitors' work.

Lead Designer

(2016 - 2018)

I have always loved the idea of being in charge of a design team, so I joined Super 8 as a lead designer where we worked on amazing campaigns including the branding and advert assets for Facebook's VR arm.

Graphic Designer

(2014 - 2016)

After finishing my degree in Graphic Design, I joined Cube agency in London in 2014 and worked on projects for companies such as Nestle, Spotify and Red Cabbage.

My Skills







Client Testimonials

"Ben offered creative logos without production deadlines too complicated or tight spots where others could not go. Not only does his work make us look good but also feels really nice working alongside someone you can trust both personally and professionally!"

Emily Parkson

Waterpark Theatre

"I had the best experience working with Ben. He is a creative, talented and fun person to be around! His attention-to detail made it easy for me as his client because we knew what was wanted from day one - which helped establish my company's brand identity quickly."

Patrick Smith

Cologne Limited

"I was really pleased with the logo designs that Ben created for my organization. The logos are instantly recognizable, making it easy to find our brand in a crowded market of other education providers. I would recommend his services again without hesitation!"

Harry Duckmore

SB Design Limited

"I have been working with Ben since 2017. He is very professional and clear in all of his communications. Regularly updating the aesthetics on our website by sharing valuable suggestions that are always improving what was already there--and paying close attention if you want it better too ;)"

Nelly Oliver

Super 8 Design House

  • hello@ben.lucia
  • +44 (0)208 1234 345